Advertising and Marketing Coach.

Al Castle says: "As an advertising and marketing coach, my job is to help you add more value to your business and putting more money in your pockets faster by getting more people to buy more stuff from you, more often, at higher prices. I'LL DO IT!"


Please read all of this website. It was written by one of Southwest Florida’s best marketers. I wrote it to help you and your business make more money faster than you ever thought possible and give you the freedom and time to enjoy it. So, If you don’t read all of it, your competitors may. If they do, they will be able to steal all of your customers – and your money!

"Have coffee with Al". Let's meet for 10 or 20 minutes. If our meeting goes longer, it’s because you wanted it to.

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If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way

Would you like to be able to really enjoy your business more by outsmarting your competition instead of just outspending them? Would you like to have the extra time to do whatever you like? You could with the boatloads of money you could be making much faster with more effective advertising!

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If you would, please join me for what has become one of Southwest Florida’s most popular marketing strategy sessions. I call it a “Have Coffee with Al” meeting. It’s  a Free 1-hour Marketing Strategy Session (actual value $197). Bring me your marketing problems – your goals, fears and your burning desires. I’ll share a lot of great marketing ideas with you – including the biggest “secret” of all – I will help you discover your unique sales story – as part of our unique, proven, “Balanced Attack Marketing System”. Most ad agencies don’t even know about this amazing marketing tool.

Our Clients "Trustimonials"

Al Castle Marketing has coached a variety of clients, small and large. Most of them them have become friends... and they have genuinely appreciated our service, committment and results.

Hello. I’m Al with Al Castle Marketing. I fix ads. I’m a marketing coach, sales storyteller and buyologist. Yes, that’s a B-U-Y-ologist. I truly understand why people buy what they buy - and why they should buy it from you. It’s the “Why behind the buy”.

Cute, huh? Thanks.

I Fix ads...

... may I fix yours?

The "19" Great Marketing Ideas

If these 19 Great Marketing Ideas are not Making You Boatloads of Money, You May Need a Marketing Coach - Me. Let's Talk! I can help you make these sell more - or you can begin by yourself by... 
  • Creating a USP (a Unique Selling Proposition - or "Promise" as I call it) to promote why you are different, and better than your competition. This is very important!!
  • Creating a marketing/business plan and a mission statement - Promote the goals you have set for your business.
  • Updating your sales brochure. It could include a "warm and fuzzy" biographical insert of you and a caricature we can create.
  • Update your business card.  Add "substance" and/or "style". They will much work harder to sell you and your services. You may wish to include a free item, an offer or a sales message on the back. Others will see it if you hand it to them upside down.
  • Updating your website and give it a more personal, possibly a less institutional, or more interesting format that sells more.
  • Updating - or creating - an elevator speech, for more effective person-to-person business networking.
  • Updating apparel and vehicles - may add a caricature and a slogan as a logo on shirts/vehicles, etc.
  • Creating a direct mail campaign to homeowners, specific businesses, etc.
  • Creating a sales video to be used on your website, in social media, in emails, etc.
  • Creating some great radio spots using a consistent, memorable theme and a compelling sales message. Maybe even a jingle!
  • Creating custom stationery/envelopes - if you haven't already.
  • Creating social media content. I do the "genius" part (the content). I outsource the rest - to some very talented people.
  • Choosing some advertising specialties to be used as image builders. They build rapport too.
  • Creating a referral program for your current - and past - clients. Reward them.
  • Creating "Bounce Back" coupons for existing clients. Reward them again.
  • Finding joint venture opportunities with other businesses - help other businesses to help you.
  • Creating a memorable tagline so clients will remember you when they are ready to buy.
  • Doing market research. I'll find some great new marketing ideas. They are everywhere!
  • Using your unique ideas - the ones that you are most proud of - but haven't tried yet, because you may not know how.
  • Questions?  Which Ones Will Work Best for Your Business?  Let me know.
  • The 30 Second Sales Video Example

    How would you like a custom made video like the one below for your website and social media, that is search engine optimized AND automatically syndicated to all your social media for you to repost, boost, and promote however you might like. Ask me about 30 second sales videos for your website and social media TODAY!

    Radio... works!

    With an ongoing effective radio plan, businesses like yours can expect an average return on investment of $8 for every $1 invested. Ask me how easy and fast it is to get started - generating a return on your investment... for you! Click below to hear a sample commerical for Al Castle Marketing.

    It's all in the relationship. Have Coffee with Al   

    THERE’S A WAY TO GET A BOATLOAD OF NEW BUSINESS WITHOUT WASTING YOUR VALUABLE TIME OR MONEY. I AM A DIFFERENT MARKETING AND ADVERTISING COACH IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA BECAUSE…I can show you a revolutionary, proven way I created to use your unique sales story to increase your business 20-30%. STORIES SELL!

    Here are just a few of the marketing tools we can put to work – selling for you….

    • Websites – Effective copy will convert more of your prospects and visitors into customers.  
    • Radio and TV – Great for creating a positive image, generating emotion and selling.
    • Business Cards – They mean business.  They should sell you and your product/service. Do yours?
    • Sales Brochures – Tell people how you are different and better than your competition, and why they should do business with you.  A great “leave behind” for networking events.
    • Direct Mail – Promote your business by targeting your best prospects, and tracking the results.
    • Your Ideas – We will use them to help you reach the goals you have set for your business.

    U S P

     What is your business’s main point of difference or competitive advantage? How is your business unique – different and better – than your competition? This is your USP – your Unique Selling Proposition.

    What's yours?  


    If you decide to hire me to help you achieve a good return (at least $5.00 for every $1.00 you spend on advertising) you will find out why many of my clients say Al Castle Marketing is the Best Value in the Marketplace. It's because I am way underpriced for the remarkable value I bring to those who use me.


    Do you have synergy with your marketing message? Does ALL your media work together to drive business to you? Ask me why it is so important.

    Balanced Attack Marketing System

    As an advertisement writing specialist and sales story teller for almost 45 years, I believe that most effective advertising is a balance of substance (features and benefits) and style (sales stories). This is why I call my unique marketing system the

    Balanced Attack Marketing System

    Most businesses think they have to change who they are to improve their marketing results. I believe this is not true. Businesses just need to add a great sales story to create an optimum balance of the features and benefits they include in their advertising.

    Why Hire Me? Here are 7 Great Reasons to Put Me to Work for You

    (These are why I think I am different - and better - than my competition.)
    • I am a Marketing Coach and a Buy-ologist (No, not a biologist!). I understand why people buy what they buy, and why they should buy it from you.  Cute, huh?
    • I take effective marketing ideas from many types of businesses and use them to help other types of businesses - such as yours -  grow faster and be much more profitable.
    • I created, I use, and I guarantee the best marketing system on the planet - The Balanced Attack Marketing System. It's the optimum balance of substance and style. To find out how this can help your business grow, please review 19 Great Marketing Ideas.
    • I have 45+ years of experience working with 100;s of small to medium sized businesses. I understand why most ads don't work - and how to fix them.
    • I don't just sell advertising, I sell results. I'll help you get the extra time, the freedom and the money to do whatever you want - whenever you want to do it.
    • I offer a unigue, "BETTER-THAN-FREE" guarantee. You can't lose.
    • Why hire me? Here is the real reason. It is because I am way underpriced for the remarkable value I bring to those who use me. I believe my job as a marketing coach is the help you get more people to buy stuff, more often at higher prices so you can make more money.

    Most ads just don’t sell!

    It is so easy it for others to create ads that have little – or no – chance of success. These ads will produce little or no return even after a significant investment. They are very common. They have lots of features, few benefits, too many graphics (graphics don’t sell, they only support strong sales copy), and weak sales copy.

    I know the secret to effective advertising - the one most ad agencies don't tell their clients. Let's talk about it when we meet.

    Our meeting won't be a “Shameless Sales Pitch”

    It will be a free, fun marketing strategy session. You will learn why most effective ads are a balance of substance (features and benefits) and style (sales stories). Sales stories are the fastest, most cost-effective way to increase your sales and profits – without spending an extra dime! And if and when you decide to hire me, I will look after your business and you - personally, every step of the way.

    A Final Thought.

    You now know more about marketing than most of your competitors.

    If you put this knowledge to work soon, they won't be able to steal your customers or your money!

    Southwest Florida's Premier B-U-Y-ologist.

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