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Change Your Dog's Behaviour For The Better.

The Secret to Changing Unwanted Dog Behaviours.

Don't follow the Pack! If you have been told that you need to be seen as the "Alpha" or "Pack Leader" then you could be on the wrong path to sorting out your dog's unwanted behaviours.

Works for You and Your Dog

Easy to understand methods that will ensure you will get the results you want quicker than conventional methods.

Change Unwanted Behaviours

  • Aggression
  • Jumping Up
  • Pulling on Lead
  • Recall
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fear of thunder or fireworks

Revolves around

GAINING TRUST and NOT FEAR to get your dog to behave properly.

Using proven, up-to-date, positive dog training methods that you can start to use immediately.

.My System Works!

It's Not About Using FEAR.

All of my clients have had one thing in common; they wanted their pet dog to be a part of their family.

However, when they started to experience problems they ended up following the standard advice found everywhere; that they needed to be seen by their dog as the "Pack Leader".

To be seen as the "Alpha" or "Pack Leader" you will be told you need to make sure you are the "Dominant" one. Dog owners then end up shouting commands at their dog when they behave inappropriately. However, when their dog continues to misbehave, they follow up with even louder commands and when things do not improve many dog owners feel they are led to resorting to using harsher "negative reinforcement" methods.

Relying on a punishment regime to control a dog can inevitably mean that the dog owner has to use FEAR to change unwanted behaviours.

Unfortunately, in many cases, as a result of taking this "Alpha" role, they ended up with a dog that was getting worse and not better. 

Consequently, they began to feel more frustrated and irritated with their dog and sometimes felt that their relationship together was now getting to be the polar opposite of the loyal faithful friend they thought their dog would become.

You Can Change Your Dog's Bad Behaviour If You Use TRUST as Your Basic Motivator.

There is nothing difficult about these methods. In fact you will find this surprisingly easy to understand. More importantly, your dog too, will understand what you want him to do instead of behaving badly! 

This is because you will be using your body language to directly and almost immediately communicate with your dog.

The only difficult thing many clients report back is that they find it hard to stop giving out commands instead of using signals, but once you see how effective this system is, in getting positive results, it will not take you long to change things around for the better.


I only use positive techniques. I have never resorted to using any form of negative reinforcement method such as a choke chain or electric collars etc. 

Discover the Advantage

You will be able to see positive results within a very short space of time if you use this system correctly. You will feel more relaxed, more confident, more in control and you will enjoy your life much more with your well behaved dog.

About Jeremy Tanner

I have been a professional Dog Behaviourist for well over 10 years now. Even before doing this full time, I have owned and trained dogs many dogs as a hobby. I have owned all types of breeds over the years including German Shepherds, Border Collies, English Springer spaniels, West Highland Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Toy Poodles and many cross-breeds of unknown origin. Some of these dogs I have had from puppies and others were rescue dogs with all sorts of problems.

Before I turned professional, I did attend various dog training courses specialising in dog behaviour and have continued to increase my knowledge about the best ways to deal with dogs that have problem behaviours using only the kindest of methods possible.


My two year old rescue is fairly nervous and was getting increasingly so particularly of other dogs which was making our walks stressful rather than pleasurable for us both.  Jeremy came to train us both and everything he said made sense and was what in truth, I already knew but clearly didn’t do in practice.  After a short session Ruben is so much calmer in the company of other dogs and we are both noticeably less stressed on walks.  Last weekend we went on a long walk at Frensham Ponds, a prospect I would have dreaded prior to our time with Jeremy.   A big thank you for calming both of us down!
Beth N

We were extremely impressed with the way that Jeremy dealt with the issue of our little Miniature Schnauzer barking at young children, we got straight onto the problem and he has showed us techniques to apply to all situations, as an added bonus we have had plenty of guidance on other little problems like puling on the lead and jumping up, Millie is a now a different dog on the lead - instead of taking us for a walk she happily trots alongside us. We would happily recommend Jeremy to anyone having a problem with their dog.
Thanks for all of your hard work.
Rachel & Steve.

More Testimonials..

I came to Jeremy for a final attempt to try and train our extremely loud and stressed terrier, Holly. We have had her for 6 years now and never seen her as quiet as this before, from day one she been barking, the major issue being when we've had visitors in the house, it was constant! Having had 3 dog trainers in the past I thought there would be no hope but Jeremy introduced us to a new method of training which has worked wonders! I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing the same or got any other dog problems.'

Thanks again for all your help

Buster’s unwanted behaviour consists of snapping and barking after tea time and when it is time to settle down.  We have been trying to correct this for almost 6 months with various things, cage, lead, distraction, extra exercise (which seemed to make him even worse).  Each of these methods worked for a while, but we wanted a more positive training/guidance approach, without rewarding him for bad behaviour.

Jeremy provided with us a recommended corrective technique, talking us through what we had to do.  After roughly 2-3 mins, Buster was calm and relaxed, laid on the floor at the side of me.   

Adopting the guiding approach, Buster just seemed to accept his fate so to speak, and within 30-45 secs, was again calm and laid down next to me, where he remained and fell asleep.

We firmly believe in Jeremy’s approach and it has a much better chance of succeeding than other negative techniques that we weren’t comfortable with.  We have a much calmer dog with a thoroughly kind and helpful Jeremy.

Phil & Diane


All consultations are carried out in your own home and/or a park local to you. I cover the Reading area and immediate towns or villages within a 15 mile radius from Woodley, Reading, Berks. If you live outside of this area, please let me know and i can either put you in touch with someone more local to you or I can let you know how much I would charge to get to you.


Standard Two Hour Consultation - £250.00

Generally, I need a two hour consultation to go through everything you will need to know on how to improve your dog's behaviour. This costs £225.00. For many clients this is all you will need to turn things around. To ensure you are not left alone after the consultation, you can call or email me for further assistance for as long as you need.

One Hour Basic Consultation - £130.00

There are a some situations where you might just need some basic advice. Therefore, depending upon the situation, I do offer a shorter  one hour consultation which costs £130.

You will always be able to ring or write to me afterwards for any further advice or, of course, you can always book a follow up session if you require furher practical help.

"One Off" Follow-up Visits - £100

Even with my telephone and email support, there are some situations that would be best tackled if we had a follow-up session or even over a few sessions after we have completed an initial two hour consultation. You can either book them as we go at a cost of £100 per hourly session or you can block book sessions as follows:..

5 Day Continuity Programme

It you have tried other training courses and you are feeling you are not making much progress, or you would like to fast track your dog training, then this Continiuty Programme can help you.

As the name of this programme suggests, I will see you over a period of 5 days. The objective of this course is to kick start new routines as quickly as possible. The first two sessions are an hour each time and the subsequent sessions last about 45 minutes.

Ideally, each session should be booked on consecutive days, but if we need to schedule a couple of sessions a day or two apart then that will still work for your dog.

This service costs £500.00

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